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  1. How poignant.

    I hope you find life back in your hometown gratifying. I moved back closer to “home” in the spring of 2014 with my husband, two small children, and a dog. I am so grateful for the family support after about 16 years of being “away.”

  2. Wow…so touching a story, I was reminded of my older Sister. Even though we live at different places but she’s always there as a pillar and a push. I think that’s what is a family for…it’s a bold of blood that binds us together..

  3. I really did enjoy this post! I started back on WordPress today, and was looking for something that I would actually sit down and read, and this was it!

    Please keep writing posts, I will surely be back!


  4. You have such a wonderful sister. She’s someone worthy of your family’s love. It was beautifully narrated too. I’ve just started blogging about a week now, if you’re interested, you can visit it at: mediocrehuman.wordpress.com

  5. So often we forget how good others have been to us even after all the mistakes we have committed. It is good to realise that we need to value such people

  6. It’s not about me, it’s about you and if everyone had that same mentality then we would all be better off.

    This is what comes to mind as I read your post! –W38

  7. Acknowledging the connection and your mistake is the best apology ever. I find that the hardest lessons Are hard for a reason.
    We may have had the opportunity to learn a certain life Lesson before but didn’t even see it.
    It has to sting ,and hurt to get our attention and focus,to mean enough to us so that when we come across these bitter sweet morsels we dont throw them out. And everytime from then on out when a situation arises we will make better choices.

  8. The important thing to remember is that when you realise that you are sorry for not helping her out, you also discovered another little bit about the person you want to be, can be and ultimately are.

    your page is great by the way

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