Let It Reign

This was published last week in the Seattle Weekly!


Growing up, I played every sport my parents signed me up for: baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis.  And yet, the professional athletes I watched and admired were always dudes.  What I would’ve given for a NWSL or a WNBA…

This comic is dedicated to me as a young girl and all the others like me.  It’s also dedicated to my friend Liddy who played soccer for our college and cried while watching her first professional women’s match – it was a sight she never thought she’d see.

While this post is Seattle-centric, there are professional women’s sports teams all over the country.  If you live in Portland, Chicago, Kansas City, Orlando, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Rochester NY or Piscataway NJ, you have an NWSL team.  If you live in Seattle,  Phoenix, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, Indianapolis, NYC, Uncasville CT, San Antonio or Arlington TX, you have a WNBA team (obviously deserving of their own comic).  Please, GO SEE THEM!