One week later

Extra big thanks to The Huffington Post for running this today.  It was a hard one to make. How it Felt

The response to this comic has been overwhelming.  Thank you to everyone who has shared it and commented.  Thanks to all of the women who have written me.  It’s meant the world.

To be honest, I was initially too embarrassed to share this post myself.  I realize that my embarrassment is a part of the problem.  It’s a byproduct of living in a culture that objectifies and normalizes violence against women and then makes us feel shame for sharing our stories about that violence.  While those experiences don’t define us, they do inform how we see the world.  It informed how I experienced the election.  

Rest assured, I will pick myself up and join the front lines of every struggle we face under a Trump presidency.  But for a moment, I wanted to acknowledge all of the women who felt cast away, who felt isolated on their icebergs these past weeks. You are not alone. 

17 thoughts on “One week later

  1. Thank you Amy for fighting back with your art! This is hard on so many different levels but it’s comforting to know there are intelligent, determined and strong women around who will not allow this to be “normalized” and toletarated.

  2. I couldn’t explain to my husband (who was also upset my the election outcome) why I was so depressed. Wed. I laid in bed and ate my feelings. I don’t eat candy and McDonald’s, but I did Wednesday. Thursday I tried to be a part of the world but I went back to bed and was depressed. I kept asking my friends “am I being ridiculous?” The answer was usually “well I think crying is a bit much”. It was Thursday afternoon when I finally grasped the triggers and the mad/sad a Trump presidency meant to me, to other vicitims, to every little girl or woman who hasn’t come forward to take action against their assulter. Why would you when all it means is he could be president of the United States?! I still can’t wrap my brain around this, and have a little bit of an unhealthy disbelief he will really be our president. I want to find away to empower all those (not just Trump victims) who feel they have been silenced from this election and to let them know they aren’t alone.

  3. I have felt like this as well. Hanging on by a thread waiting for the election to be over, and then realizing Tuesday night that it wasn’t going to be over after all. All my coping mechanisms are failing me, I’m fine one minute and unable to function the next. You can’t explain that to co-workers and bosses and kids. I can barely eat and when I do I end up throwing up by the end of the day. I honestly don’t know how to get through the next few years — never mind, you know, tomorrow.

    1. I hear you. It’s traumatic. We WILL get through it but I think it’s important to honor the feeling you’re experiencing right now – that pain is real. Lots of love to you.

  4. Thank you so much for your art. It captured it perfectly for me. This isn’t just the loss of an election. It’s the loss of faith in my country. I feel like a foreigner now.

    1. Thanks for commenting – it means a lot. I keep reminding myself that more people voted for Clinton than Trump, that MOST voters in this country do not support him or his rhetoric. It offers me some comfort.

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