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I made these a while back in a moment of extreme frustration but never posted them on this site. I’m not totally sure why – I think I didn’t want to allow these men to make me so hateful.

But I’ve been reading about the (painfully few) reunifications of immigrant children and their parents who were separated at the border, and I’m speechless. I just read this account from the LA Times today: a six-year-old boy was returned to his father after being separated for 2 months.  Upon reunification, the boy’s look was vacant, his eye was bruised, and a rash covered his body. Our government, OUR GOVERNMENT, has traumatized these families in unspeakable ways. How will these children ever heal from this? How will the parents?

Worse yet, the government has yet to reunite roughly 2,500 children with their parents. 2,500. Who does this? Who takes a child from a parent after they had to leave their homes and make a grueling journey into a foreign land? Monsters do this. Monsters.