I was on my own with two kids at home this winter break. Today is the last day of solo-parenting and, I swear to God, I made it by the skin of my teeth.

Dispatch small.jpgFound items not pictured: a half-eaten jar of children’s vitamins and a Star Wars sleeping bag with about 200 of those plastic flossers dumped into the bottom.

Winter Break small


I’m too angry and heartbroken to make something about the Republicans stealing from the poor and giving to the rich (and claiming not to have funds to provide health insurance to children). So, instead, here’s a glimpse into our drive to gymnastics this morning.




This is an actual report my son wrote at school last spring.  I didn’t know about it until everything came home at the end of the year.  Upon reading about his great affection for this relatively obscure soda, I knew two things: 1) this is definitely my child and 2) I had to illustrate this tribute!

Fun fact: my father (Carlo’s grandpa) has been known to drive to a specific, out-of-the-way gas station following a hike in the Cascade Mountains because he knows they carry Squirt.  With a second refrigerator full of the stuff, I’m fairly certain my dad single-handedly keeps this company in business.  This is truly a love passed down through the generations.