Thanks to all of you who read these player comics – it was such a dream to make them. It seems fitting to end this series with the woman who made me a fan of the National Women’s Soccer League in the first place.

Also, Rapinoe’s hometown of Redding, California was recently devastated by the Carr Fire. If you’re in a position to do so, please consider donating to her recovery fundraiser:




I can’t believe I forgot to post this comic! Loved, loved making this one. Also, the Reign are holding tight to that 2nd place spot in the standings. If this holds for the next two weeks, they’ll be heading to the playoffs for the first time in 2 years. Come out and support them! Next match is Tuesday, 8/21 at 7:30!



For those who’ve already heard this story, my apologies:

I played every sport as a kid but actually hated soccer. I finished college in Ghana (I’d been studying traditional Ghanaian music for years and was really lucky to spend the summer of 1998 in Accra). This was during the ’98 Men’s World Cup and gathering with my beloved host family each evening to watch games completely transformed my opinion of the sport. That summer, I became a lifelong soccer fan and an avid supporter of Ghana’s national teams. Fast forward twenty years, and I get to make this comic about @amapele10, captain of the Ghanaian women’s team and brilliant addition to my favorite club, Reign FC.


Now, if you’re in town, come out and support this team on Sunday!!


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I made these a while back in a moment of extreme frustration but never posted them on this site. I’m not totally sure why – I think I didn’t want to allow these men to make me so hateful.

But I’ve been reading about the (painfully few) reunifications of immigrant children and their parents who were separated at the border, and I’m speechless. I just read this account from the LA Times today: a six-year-old boy was returned to his father after being separated for 2 months.  Upon reunification, the boy’s look was vacant, his eye was bruised, and a rash covered his body. Our government, OUR GOVERNMENT, has traumatized these families in unspeakable ways. How will these children ever heal from this? How will the parents?

Worse yet, the government has yet to reunite roughly 2,500 children with their parents. 2,500. Who does this? Who takes a child from a parent after they had to leave their homes and make a grueling journey into a foreign land? Monsters do this. Monsters.