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I write about everything from feminism and parenting, to periodontal disease and professional sports. My work has been published by The Huffington Post, The Believer, PEN America, Bust, The Nib, Seattle Weekly, The Establishment, Grab Back Comics, Resist!, Mutha Magazine, Real Change, Sounder at Heart, The International Examiner, Comics 4 Health Coverage, and Fantagraphics.


In addition to making comics and raising two wild children, I teach art and media literacy to middle and high school students. I’m passionate about making education a more compassionate, equitable, and creative experience for all students and their families.

To see my teaching portfolio as well as examples of my design and illustration work, please visit www.amycamber.com.

For sketches that don’t make it on here (plus pics of my kids and terrible – but adorable – dog), follow my Instagram @amycamber. For hot takes about politics and women’s sports, follow me on twitter @amyalethe.

Also, I used to be Amy Gerber (long story) so if you are looking for her, look no further. Feel free to contact me at amyalethe@gmail dot com.